Sky Falconry, Southern California’s premiere falconry school, invites you to experience flying a trained bird of prey to your glove and learn about one of the world’s oldest hunting traditions in the picturesque settings of San Diego and the mountains of Alpine.

A bucket list must!

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Basic Falconry Lesson

Put a glove on & free fly a bird of prey. Learn the basics of falconry & its history. Play field games and take photos with a raptor.
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Hawk Walk

Put a glove on & free fly a bird of prey. Take an exciting interactive walk with a hawk. Observe the raptor in its natural habitat. Amazing long flights & more.
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Private Hawk Walk

Due to the popularity of our Hawk Walk we are now offering Private Hawk Walks geared for 2+ participants.  Making this our most intimate raptor adventure.
hawk walk | san diego

Private Raptor Experience

Put a glove on & free fly two species of raptors. Learn the basics of falconry & its history. Play field games, experience long flights and take photos with the raptors.
  •   Absolutely magical experience with Denise and Kirk and their beautiful raptors. My wife and I took the trek to Alpine for the private raptor experience and we are both so glad we did. Sky Falconry love what they do and it shows through in every moment of your time with them. If you're scrolling through reviews trying to figure out if it's worth it.. Stop and schedule, you will not regret it!

    thumb Mark M.

      Every bit as awesome as everyone says it is.  Stop thinking about doing this and go.  Kirk and Denise are terrific people who truly care about their raptors and the environment.  They do a fantastic job of ensuring each participant gets mulitple opportunities to be with a raptor.  I got to meet Hayduke, a Harris's hawk.  You won't regret this.  And don't worry about the drive to their location.  I saw a giant RV make the drive.  If they could do it, you can too.

    thumb Den P.

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!! Kirk and Denise couldn't have been nicer or more knowledgeable. They were very warm and personal, and their passion for Falconry definitely shows. We got to fly a Harris Hawk, and he was spectacular! Very highly recommended!

    thumb Lisa S.
  •   This was such an amazing experience. I picked it out for my best friend's birthday-- if you're looking for a unique experience this is it. Denise and Kirk are excellent at what they do, you feel like they truly care about every aspect that goes into this experience. It's worth every penny, I intend to go again as soon as I can.

    thumb Roxana W.

      Denise and Kirk and true professionals! They create a fun and educational experience. The experience of being up close and personal with these majestic beings (Harris's Hawk) is something not to be missed in life!  I'm sure to return with family members and friends as I'd love to introduce others to the world of Raptors in a way most people don't get experience.

    thumb Tamara L.

      My husband and I came here to celebrate our anniversary. We had a terrific time! We got to meet Steam a beautiful Harris's Hawk! We send our thanks to Kirk and Denise for a great and rare experience. We positively recommend doing this if you get a chance! I know we want to go back again and try one of their other activities!

    thumb Carla N.
  •   You know how you see something cool at a store, pick it up, see the price and put it back down. This is not one of those things. You get your sweet cheeks to the check-out line NOW.

    Sky Falconry is worth every penny and much, much more!

    What are you getting?

    The most knowledgeable and personable instructors on the planet! Kirk and Denise are both gems. Kirk kept us in stitches as he regaled us with stories of falcons and their "loyalty" and Denise somehow managed to remember everyones names. The kind of service they provided to us on June 3rd is a lost art. They are FIVE STAR individuals.

    You'll get an incredible sense of intimacy with the birds. We had a group of about 12 and I was so surprised that everyone got good one-on-one time with an instructor and the bird more than once! It's only a couple of hours (or less), but we walked away feeling like professionals and again, that's a huge credit to Denise and Kirk.

    Sky Falconry is one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life. Not only was it fun (I mean like REALLY fun), I learned so much about our feathered friends and I'm now low-key a bird activist. So there's that. 🙂

    Impressed isn't the word. I'm still totally flabbergasted that this experience somehow managed to exceeded every single review I read before booking. Hands down one of the best ways to spend the day in Southern California and one of the best ways we've ever celebrated my Mom's birthday.

    - The dirt road in is no joke. You will need to drive slowly and carefully. Give yourself enough time so that you don't need to rush. I'd say it took us 10-15 minutes driving in a midsize compact crossover SUV.
    -While you are permitted to take photos whenever you like, there is designated photo-op time at the very end of the course. Denise will quickly take some fantastic pictures for you so that you're free to just enjoy the day and be present. Do yourself a favor and put your phone away until the end.
    -There's a CVS in town in case you forget a hat/sunglasses/sunscreen.
    -There's a port-o-potty on site.
    -There are no long walks involved in the Basic Falconry Lesson, so if you have trouble walking long distances, no worries! You can still enjoy this gem of a day.
    -They had t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, etc. for sale and I would have bought more but I didn't bring cash. They do take cards, but I'm a cash kinda gal so I decided to skip.

    We visited on Monday June 3rd, 2019.

    thumb Eren K.

      I've tried to write up a yelp review for Denise and Kirk at least 4 times since we left Alpine and I still honestly don't even know where to begin! I surprised my boyfriend this past weekend with a private raptor experience and it is honestly something that I will never forget.

    Kirk and Denise had such a positive energy to them--they were unbelievably knowledgeable about raptors and their passion and enthusiasm for conservation and husbandry was legitimately palpable and contagious. The experience itself was a feast for the senses--not only did we get to fly these amazing creatures, we were also treated to one of the most beautiful scenic backdrops during our short hike (Denise is also a wizard behind the camera [even a cruddy cellphone one!] and she took so many great shots of us, seemingly effortlessly!).

    I never thought that I would have the opportunity to experience something like this, but Kirk and Denise made it a reality. This is such an amazing experience for anyone who has even the slightest interest in raptors and I couldn't recommend it more. Just a couple hours south of Los Angeles, this made a perfect weekend getaway and I honestly can't wait 'til I can do it again! Thank you Denise and Kirk!

    thumb Stacey D.

      Wow, the Hawk Walk was insanely awesome. I really enjoyed the experience. It's pretty wild to see a bird of prey flying straight at you, low to the ground, then at the last second, open up wide to slam on the brakes, then land on your outstretched arm with massive talons. Very cool. Denise and Kirk were very knowledgable, and we spent 2 hours flying Hayduke, a Harris's hawk. I will definitely be doing this again.

    thumb Ivan B.
  •   This was an extremely educational and entertaining experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get outside their comfort zone and learn something new. I walked away with a much deeper understanding and respect for falconry.

    thumb Becca H.

      Great experience, love the passion and enthusiasm Denise and Kirk have for the birds, their work and their clients! My brother and I had an amazing experience on Easter Sunday and I can't wait to schedule another visit. If you're debating doing this, go for it, I don't see how anyone could be disappointed in Sky Falconry!

    thumb Patricia G.

      These guys put on an amazing show. Very entertaining and educational. After today's event with Wounded Warriors, I feel almost as cool as Stephen "Hawking"

    thumb Kyle J.
  •   What an amazing experience and opportunity to not only see these amazing animals up close and personal but the views are absolutely breath taking. Highly recommended.

    thumb Mike T.

      Nicole and I came to Alpine from Los Angeles to experience Sky Falconrys private Hawk walk for her Birthday. Denise and Kirk offered a shuttle to the hiking spot to accommodate any guests that didn't want to take their personal vehicles up the mountain side. They were very knowledgeable and warm, and their passion for hawking and falconry made this a once in a lifetime hands-on experience. Shanti the Harris hawk was a magnificent hawk to see up close and personal. You're invited to take pictures but they also take a few pictures so you can live in the moment. We highly recommend this adventure and we can't wait to be back soon. Also, we stayed at Oakzanita springs campground about 15 minutes away and would also highly recommend!

    thumb Elijah B.

      Spent a couple of hours one morning  learning about raptors and then getting a chance to fly Hayduke, a Harris hawk. This one of only two places in California where you can actually do this, so it is not something to be missed! Put it on your bucket list!

    thumb Dee F.

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Preservation through education

Our mission at Sky Falconry is to educate the public through hands-on experiences free flying birds of prey. We aim to preserve the art of falconry, teach raptor biology and the need for conservation.

Located in San Diego, California, we are a satellite school of West Coast Falconry, located in Marysville, northeast of Sacramento, California.