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Preservation through education


Sky Falconry classes offer everyone the rare opportunity to free fly a trained bird of prey to the glove.

Come as a hands-on participant or observer and learn about raptor biology, conservation and the art of falconry in the Basic Falconry Lesson, a variety of Hawk Walks for more glove time with the raptor, and a Private Raptor Experience for the ultimate in depth class. Enjoy this intimate animal encounter in picturesque settings of Southern California!

Basic Falconry Lesson

Our instructors guide you in learning to hold a hawk, cast it from your glove and call it back again. You will be helping us put one of our seasoned birds through their paces. This is the foundation for working with a falconry bird in the field. You will also learn about the history of falconry and the role of raptors in their natural environment, as well as conservation. This class is offered in small groups at the Sky Falconry Ranch in Alpine September through June.

Hawk Walk

Our Hawk Walk takes you meandering through meadows and open trails on our private ranch in the San Diego Mountains while free flying a trained raptor to and from the glove. Experience the awe of a hawk dropping from high in the trees and flying hundreds of feet to land gracefully on your glove. Hawk Walks offer the opportunity for a more intimate interaction and more innate behavior displays. Instructors guide you through field training techniques such as following on and casting the hawk from the glove. The pleasure of partnering with a trained hawk in her natural environment is an unforgettable experience!  This class is offered at the Sky Falconry Ranch in Alpine September through June.

Private Hawk Walk

To make your Hawk Walk experience more intimate, book it as a Private Hawk Walk.  Our instructors will take you meandering through beautiful meadows and wide trails that will be yours alone.  This experience offers more opportunity to have the bird on your glove with a close up view of the hawks innate behaviors in their natural habitat.  The long flights through old oaks and graceful glides across open fields are awe inspiring. Book it now for the ultimate adventure!  This class is offered at the Sky Falconry Ranch in Alpine September through June.

  • Price: $550 for two participants, each additional participant $100 and $50 per observer
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Times: 8am & 10:30am
  • Note: Some agility and fitness required.
  • Age Minimum: 7 for participants
  • Gift Certificates Available
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Private Raptor Experience

Our most intimate experience at Sky Falconry offers you and your guest two hours being immersed in the world of falconry. Our Private Raptor Outing is the only class where we free fly a hawk and a falcon. Go in depth with our instructors to learn falconry techniques and the different hunting style of each species. This experience for two is a deeper look into the world of falconry and these amazing birds! This class is offered at the Sky Falconry Ranch in Alpine September through June.