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Thank you both for such an engaging two hours during yesterday’s Hawk Walk. The amount of actual contact time with “our” bird was unexpected and thrilling. My daughter, Vika’s, typical reactions to things are usually pretty calm, but her use of the word, “awesome” during her descriptions of the day’s events to the rest of the family gave away her excitement!

From our very first contact with you, Denise, I knew we had chosen our experience correctly. It isn’t very common anymore to be able to interact with a company that is as effectively organized, efficient, and, simultaneously personalized as Sky Falconry! You offered that right from your first email response.

Almost as enjoying was your contagious admiration and advocacy of and for all hawks and falcons – thank you for helping to educate us in a non lecturing way. Your partnership also allowed us to glimpse the care, respect, and fun you have toward each other as well as your birds!

Much good luck with your future endeavors and the introduction of a new falcon experience in the fall.

Jo M. L.

Thank you for last Sunday’s Hawk Walk. It was an amazing and incredibly moving experience. Actually, it was one of the happiest experiences of my life. A big thanks to the handsome Hayduke as well!

I really appreciate the way you set up the Hawk Walk. Everything from the availability of parking and bathrooms to the way you taught safety, hawking history, raptor biology, and conservation was fantastic. The experience of getting to see some of what Hayduke (the hawk) is able to do and be involved up close was awesome. My respect for raptors, and for you as their partners and stewards, is tremendous. I will definitely be recommending Sky Falconry to all my friends and family. 

Thank you so much for my first lesson in falconry. It was unforgettable.

Lan N.

I walked away from the class yesterday in awe and couldn’t stop sharing the fascinating details about falconry, hawking, and the individual raptors with everyone I spoke to.  My husband asked me what made the event so good.  I told him that there were several things that made Sky Falconry stand out, and I’ll paraphrase  what I told him because I think it’s important you know what an impact you made on me.


I have always been fascinated with birds and flight, but especially with birds of prey.  Therefore, when I saw the article in Westways, I was instantly attracted to the event because I had never seen one up close and alive.  Honestly, I was expecting more of a commercialized event, something like you’d experience at SeaWorld:  You’d have a raptor, but it would be stationed far away from us, but closer than I had ever been to one.  We’d see a few “tricks” and we might get a photo op.  That’s it.


That might have been good enough had you both not gone above and beyond to really let us get “intimate” with Hayduke (the hawk).  The hands-on on walk was amazing – it was like walking into a National Geographic documentary.  Seeing and experiencing the fine details of the birds finely manipulates the positioning of their body and tail feathers, the tunnel vision when coming to the glove, their heart rate increases when flying upward to meet us on the ridge…  Wow!


Denise and Kirk, you work seamlessly together.  Your charisma and passion for the birds is evident, and you both glow when you speak about your “kids” and work with them.

I have long been a supporter in maintaining nature’s delicate balance, and I appreciate and respect what you are doing in the way of conservation and education for these magnificent birds of prey.

I will definitely be back to share falconry with my friends and family!

Pinita M.

What an AMAZING experience! Being able to to get up close and personal with the raptors and learn so much about their lifestyle and behaviors gave me a whole new respect for these birds of prey. I can’t wait to go back!

C. B.

We had a wonderful morning! It was educational, exciting, and novel in our experience. Over the last 19 years together we have traveled to much of the USA, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, and S.E. Asia. We have SCUBA dived, mountain climbed, done medical missionary work, and pursued a host of other less socially acceptable endeavors. Nothing, however, has matched the unique experience we had with you two. You have a masterful presentation! We will pass out the flyers and may well see you again.

Dalton D.

Thank you so much for opening a class for the five of us on Sunday.  It is all we have talked about since.  Just an amazing experience that will stay with us always.  I have posted a review on Trip Advisor, where I note not surprisingly that you have nothing but “excellent” evaluations, including mine.  We will be sure to spread the word.  You two are true ambassadors.  Thank you for your passion and compassion regarding these noble creatures.   

Katherine N.