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sdasSky Falconry joined with San Diego Audubon Society to offer a Falconry Lesson at Sky Falconry’s private ranch in Alpine, California. Birders from all over San Diego County joined the event to learn more about Harris’ Hawks with engaging educational talks and free flight experiences. The Audubon Society has worked tirelessly for over a century to protect birds and their habitats. Their pursuit to raise awareness through education and experience goes hand in hand with Sky Falconry’s mission of preservation through education. We believe that an intimate interaction with wildlife enhances the desire to take action for conservation and deepens one’s appreciation for the natural world we live in.

Sky Falconry offers the rare opportunity for everyone to free fly a bird of prey in it’s natural habitat and ranks among one of the top animal encounters in Southern California. Interactions with our trained birds of prey give an intimate view of birds of prey flying, up close and personal, while learning their biology and plights in the natural world. We offer a variety of falconry experiences in California, a short distance from coastal San Diego.

A huge thank you to the San Diego Audubon Society for the amazing work you do to protect all birds and their wild habitats. We were honored to share our morning with you!