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We at Sky Falconry hear a lot of different words used to reference falconry and our falconry school. These include falcondry, falconary, falconrey, falconeering, and falconing to mention a few. The noun is falconry and verb is hawking. Yes, that sounds a bit confusing but that is just the English language, not science. No, we are not necessarily a hawk school, raptor school nor do we teach bird training classes. We do love that those seeking these things eventually find their way to Sky Falconry. We are a falconry school, with raptors that have been trained.

In an effort to create clarity, we would like share a bit about Sky Falconry.  Sky Falconry is a unique school on the West Coast in Southern California with birds of prey trained to hunt and work in our educational classes with the public. We offer a variety of experiences for everyone to learn aspects of falconry, raptor biology, and conservation. Our falconry courses allow participants to glove up and fly a bird of prey and play interactive training games with hawks and falcons. In our classes, we are not aiming to teach you to become a falconer or give you a bird show but instead, offer a window into the natural behaviors of raptors and their incredible skills that help them to be such great hunting partners with humans. Experience a flying raptor gently brushing their wings on you as they glide past to fellow participants, soaring from treetops and down winding paths to your glove. We aim to teach people about raptors with our intimate free flight experiences so they may be more inspired to protect birds of prey in the wild and their natural habitats.

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