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Sky Falconry, a falconry school based in San Diego, offers a variety of falconry lessons to those in Southern California and visiting from across the country. Our classes are accessible to everyone interested in birds of prey and to experience hawks and falcons up-close. We are located in the town of Alpine, a short distance from coastal San Diego and a comfortable drive from the Los Angeles environs and Orange County.

Learn to fly a bird of prey without any prior handling experience. We teach about falconry, raptor biology and conservation while participants are gloved up, free flying a hawk to and from the glove, and playing interactive, bird training games. Flying birds of prey on our 20 acre ranch nestled in the mountains allows one to experience raptors natural behaviors while interacting with participants. Fly a raptor down winding paths, through rocks and from tree tops, to your glove for awe-inspiring memories. The hawks natural instincts to hunt allow a more intimate view into what it is to experience falconry in California. We have classes that offer flying a Harris’ Hawk as well as a falcon experience where both a hawk and falcon are flown back to back for a deeper understanding of the different species.

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