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Sky Falconry, a hands-on falconry school located in the mountains of San Diego, offers the rare opportunity to glove up and free fly a bird of prey! We feel honored to make the dreams of so many come true through our falconry lessons and free flight raptor experiences.  We find our clients coming from all walks of life, young and old, from all over the world, have one common theme connecting them all, a passion for raptors. Many of them have dreamed of flying a hawk to the glove, soaring a falcon in big skies, and connecting with these majestic birds on a deeper level, eye to eye. These experiences are offered in Sky Falconry’s interactive and educational falconry programs. Learn about raptor biology, conservation, and the art of falconry in a variety of falconry experiences.

Come visit our private ranch in Alpine, just 25 miles from the coast of San Diego. The majestic views from our mountain top perch offer a completely natural habitat to free fly birds of prey among the wilds and wide open skies of Southern California. Click here to book your experience today!