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Helen Macdonald’s best-selling book H Is for Hawk, is a favorite here at Sky Falconry. This book walks the reader through her journey as a grieving daughter who found healing in training a goshawk.  Her recent story has now premiered on BBC and PBS Nature, where she digs deeper into the world of raptors by following a family of goshawks in the wild and raising one of her own.

We were honored to have hosted the composer of the music for H is for Hawk, Cody Westheimer, at our private Sky Falconry Ranch in Alpine, California, 30 miles east of San Diego. Cody joined us from Los Angeles for a Private Hawk Walk. Being a raptor enthusiast, he felt compelled to experience what it was like to free fly a bird of prey to the glove on this outdoor raptor adventure offered in Southern California. Cody’s passion was contagious. We all had an amazing time, including our Harris’ Hawk, Hayduke!

Cody at Sky Falconry

Sky Falconry classes offer everyone the opportunity to free fly a trained bird of prey to the glove.