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Our Staff

Our mission at Sky Falconry is to educate the public about falconry, raptor biology and conservation.
Located in San Diego, California, we are a satellite school of West Coast Falconry, www.westcoast-falconry.com, located in Marysville, northeast of Sacramento, California.  We offer the rare opportunity to free fly a raptor in the United States.
The Humans of Sky Falconry

Kirk Sellinger

Kirk Sellinger began working in outdoor education in college as a rock climbing instructor and ropes course facilitator. It was there he learned what a profound experience it was for people to push their comfort zone. Soon after completing a degree in TV/Film production, he traveled the globe for nearly a decade with National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions as a videographer. There it hit upon him how important it was for people to have experiences in the natural world to truly appreciate and care for it. In places like Galapagos and Antarctica, where the wildlife is unafraid of humans, Kirk had the opportunity to film the same nesting areas regularly and thus began his fascination with the lives of birds. He began powered paragliding in 2005 and in 2009 decided to ditch the motor and start free flying to get closer to birds in flight. After settling down in San Diego County, in 2010, he realized his dream of becoming a falconer as well as flying with “his” bird. Kirk is a tandem free flight paragliding instructor and loves to share his passion of birds on the ground and in the sky.

Denise Disharoon

Denise Disharoon, an apprentice falconer, has a deep passion for birds of prey that traces back to childhood. Her extensive travels and experience leading nature adventures for conservation and education throughout Latin America gave her the opportunity to witness predatory birds in their natural environment. Her keen ability and love in working with raptors paired with her experience in teaching makes her a great fit for Sky Falconry. A Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer by trade, birds in flight and feathers inspire her jewelry designs handmade from recycled silver, gold and ethically sourced materials that can be found in stores across the United States and on her site, www.denisedisharoon.com.

Kate Marden

Kate Marden has been a falconer since 1998. Her life has been so filled with animals that the local firefighters, visiting her home to check firebreaks, called her Dr. Dolittle. She is a successful business owner in Marin County specializing in canine care. Her work with birds of prey predates her years as a licensed falconer. Kate has worked in bird of prey interpretive programs at Renaissance Faires, Historical Events, Scottish Games and schools for more than a decade. Kate has flown her birds in videos and on shows such as Mythbusters, Wreakreation Nation, Unchained Reaction, Mancations and Methods of Take.

Jana Barkley

Jana Barkley, a master falconer, is an experienced educator and lecturer. Her energy and enthusiasm for the sport of falconry has impressed her audiences. Jana specializes in helping the entertainment industry report accurately on falconry and birds of prey. She is also a writer whose work revolves around her passion for the sport of falconry. Currently she serves on the board of directors for the California Hawking Club.